Industrial design - more than a concept.


From 1999 and still going strong.

I've worked for and with COMPOSITE DESIGN SWEDEN AB for more than 16 years. Together, we have worked trough more varying projects than i can recall. This collaboration means that we can go all the way from design study to full production composite solutions. Check out the link here to see what we can offer.

The first two photos above show one of your more big one-off projects. We helped one of Composite Design's customers take their halted car projets. The initial prototype shell was scanned, almost completely redesigned and then milled, molded and made come true.


3D Design concepts and renderings

Two different wheel concepts from two different projets are shown above.


From concept to finished product.

This chair was designed and made for exhibition purposes, to show off Composite Designs technique's and capabilities.

Cad and rendering by me, production by Composite Design Sweden AB (by me and my other colleagues)