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Im a photographer.

But it hasn't always been like that. After going to a media-orientated high school (with photography being one of the majors), i steered off towards a career in the composite industry. But my passion for the still and motion picture never died.

In 1014 i jumped back on the photography-saddle and since then im doing photo projects on my spare time, and during regular working hours, if needed.

My photo equipment as well as my portfolio is steady growing.

You can also check out my work on

Below you can see some of my previous project, clients and galleries.



Nordic Beard Factory

"NBF" is a Danish producer of high quality beard grooming products.

I was trusted to do all the photography for their homepage. Recently i also had the chance to show my motion picture skills when we shot their short movie. I did all the camera shooting, apart from the drone- and some minor steadicam shots. I also did the editing. You can see the movie by clicking the link here.



Jack & Jones is a part of the Bestseller group - one of the worlds largest clothing brands. They sponsored the Danish Olympic team 2016, and asked me to cover the teams homecoming after the games.


Composite Design Sweden AB

All the photography for the homepage as well as the company's expo equipment is photographed by me.



This was my very first photoshoot. I covered Blackwing's very first production plane being finished and assembled. The photos were later used for their brochure and in magazines.


Pet photography

Being a true animal enthusiast, i have always been fond of taking photos of my friends' pets, for a long time. See more in the galleries below.



Iv'e also had a go with wedding photography, with happy customers. Here are some shots.




I'm always trying to catch the moment, instead of taking moments from my subjects.



As I love being around animals, taking photos of them is one of my passions.

Do you have a pet? Do you want photos that immortalize the bond between you? Give me a call!


Wedding photography


I'm fairly new to this genre of photography, but my happy customers made me interested in giving this a try. Im now fully equipped with any lenses, flashes, tripods and reflectors that might be needed on a wedding occasion. Send us an email for a quote!



Scenic Views

Product photography